athlete's foot medicine "F-Gen" 60ml 2pacs 【English/英語版】

athlete's foot medicine

What's the "F-GEN"?

Do you know "F-gen"?

This is one of athlete's foot medicine which is the best-selling on the Japanese EC site for over 15 years.


1.Effective against all type of athlete's foot.
2.ALso effective against athlete's foot of the toenail.
3.Ges on smooth,won't feel sticky.
4.Itching subsides relatively quickly
5.Effect can be seen.
6.Have a history and trust on japan.

Produced by our pharmaceutical company devoted to treat athlete's foot for 40years in Japan.

This athlete's foot medicine is a drug for the purpose of self-medication.

secret of fgen

The reason that F-Gen works

Athlete's foot and Ringworm(of the groin and body) are fungal infections of the skin caused by a dermatophyte called Tricophyton rubrum.

This dermatophyte invades the area of the skin below the cornified layer of the epidermis, so a cream that can penetrate this cornified layer is essential for effective treatment.

Our F-gen athlete's foot remedy is a remedy for the treatment of athlete's foot and ringworm that contains the active undecylenic acid and salicylic acid.
The former kills the offending fungus while the latter softens the cornified layer of the skin and improves permeability.

Let's self medication

Effective against athlete's foot!

Once you start applying it,the keratinized (hard) skin of your foot will begiin to flake off.
This is a sign of the remedy's efficacy, so you can rest assured that it is starting to work.

Can also be used by pregnant women and women that are breast -feeding!

As a medical remedy applied externally, it causes no side effects and can be used with peace of mind by pregnant women and those that struggle with oral medicine.

Takes a minimum of 3 months (as a guideline) to clear up infections

F-Gen takes a minimum of three months to completely eradicate the dermatophyte that causes athlete's foot.(May vary from person to person.)

If you used "F-Gen"...

It is also possible that more time may be required depending on your symptoms.Once applied, F-Gen stops your skin from itching and improves the swelling, in order to completely eradicate the dermatophyte, it is recommended that you continue to use F-Gen for one month after you think the infection has cleared up.

If you apply F-Gen twice daily, itchiness will clear up in 2-5 days and the skin of the affected area will flake off in around 1-2 weeks(depending on the person).

Whether it be between the toes, on the heel, or in the form of blisters, the length of time it takes for skin to peel away may vary depending on your symptoms, but F-Gen will eventually cause the area affected by athlete's foot to flake.

The skin tatters and then it starts to feel like a thin layer of skin is peeling away. After that, the skin becomes dry, and gradually the peeling stabilizes.
It varies on your symptoms, but as a guideline it takes 3-4 months for infections between the toes and blister-type athlete's foot to clear up, and around six months for heel infections.


This medicine will be sold exclusively in Japan.

The orders from the person who lives outside of Japan, so it can not be accepted by law, please understand.

If you want to know more about , please contact us by e-mail.


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How to use "F-Gen"

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Details of item

Product name athlete's foot medicine F-Gen 60ml*2set【Class II drugs】
amount F-Gen 60ml*2set
Indication about 3 month
The effect and effect Treatment of athlete's foot, Jock itch and ringworm
Active ingredients Colorless and transparent remedy that contains the following active ingredients per 100ml.
Undecylenic acid・・・・・3.0g
Salicylic acid・・・・・・・・4.0g
Contains a PH regulator and alcohol as additives.


DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION Adult per day once or twice , and then put this product applied to the brush or an appropriate absorbent cotton or gauze attached .
Apply the drug from the wash well the affected area and the skin soft and to help drug penetration .
If you are attacked a nail in the athlete's foot , please apply to carefully to penetrate down into the place hard on the surface of the nail from the top of the thin peel off nail Tsumeyasuri like . Treatment after bathing from this meaning is effective . Athlete's foot treatment is important to continue until the ringworm fungus is extinct without having to judge a symptom of on the surface .
Such as breathable bad socks , please avoid as much as possible use.

(Notes on usage and dose)

· Not exposed to direct sunlight with low humidity a cool place please keep sealed and tighten the cap on
· Please keep reach not in the place of the hands of children.
· Please do not swap in addition to the container.
· use overdue product must not be used . It should be noted that , after opening , even within the expiration date , please use as soon as possible from the viewpoint of maintaining quality.

【Consumer consultation】
Inquiries about this product is thank you to the store or the following of purchase.
Manufacturing and selling agency : Daigen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

★Pharmaceuticals should read the notes on the use always , observe the usage and capacity , please use it correctly .

PRECAUTIONS Please do not use the next site
- Eyes and the eyes around the , mucous membranes ( eg, oral , nasal cavity , vagina , etc.) , scrotum , vulva , or the like.
- Eczema , wet , sore , the affected area with a crack or trauma .

Please to consult your doctor or pharmacist before using the next person.

- If you are receiving medical attention 
- Infant
- Person or family who have allergies
- If you have had allergic reactions caused by , medicines and cosmetics
- Affected area is more of the face and a wide range
- Affected area is better fester or wet and sore is awful
- " Eczema " or " athlete's foot , jock itch , Zenitamushi " or it is better not clear ( the shadow of the sea urchin itching , in many cases the cause of eczema , etc. If you have symptoms such as sore )

The following cases discontinue use immediately , please consult your doctor or pharmacist
-Rash after use , redness , itching , rash , swelling , if the irritation appeared.
- If the two weeks be used not improved symptoms

Handling Precautions 1. be stored in a cool place with low humidity not exposed to direct sunlight
2.be stored out of reach of children
3.Do not replaced with other container ( will cause the misuse or quality changes )
4.product past the expiration date that you do not use
Classification Over-the-counter drugs(The second drug class) (made in Japan)
The manufacturer ( distributor ) Daigen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Advertising censure Daigen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 06-6418-0278

Regarding delivery

Regarding delivery In the case of delivery to Japan , our designated will be delivered in the " courier "

Sorry, but the overseas delivery , we do not accept the order.


About delivery This product will be shipped by our "Delivery".
This item isfree shipping.

●You can specify the date and time.

【Cash on delivery hope】
This item has a cash on delivery fee of 330 yen.

List of shipping charges

Our company delivers products with the following shipping system.


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